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Subject:[GE dev] [GE announce] Go On and Good bye and Announcing Oracle Grid Engine 6.2 Update 7
From:andy (
Date:Dec 24, 2010 3:18:37 am


it's a strange feeling to announce a new patch release of Grid Engine, now called Oracle Grid Engine and say good bye to the community on Christmas Eve. With Dan Templeton's announcement last night it becomes official what had been discussed actively here on our mailing lists in the past 6 months and eventually led to a fork of the Grid Engine project.

With your help and ever active contribution, the Grid Engine open source project launched in June 2001 helped to make the Grid Engine technology a well renowned, feature rich and scalable DRM system operating the biggest and most demanding clusters and industry and research in the world. This all has started in the early 90ties by Germany based Genias software getting into an agreement with Florida State University to grow this technology upon the DQS code.

It was a pleasure and stimulation for the whole Grid Engine engineering team to learn how you use Grid Engine, understand what you need and get into discussions with you through our mailing lists and often in face to face meetings at our four Grid Engine workshops held in the home city of Grid Engine in Regensburg and at many conferences all over the world.

One year ago we released Grid Engine 6.2 Update 5, as you all know that was the last version where Sun made the source code available under the SISSL license. This summer we released Oracle Grid Engine 6.2 Update 6 and now we are announcing the availability of Oracle Grid Engine 6.2 Update 7. So all rumors about the end of the Grid Engine engineering team are greatly exaggerated:-)

What's new, what has changed

---------------------------- The product has been re-branded to Oracle, you'll see that in splash and about screens in the copyright notices. We did not change the name of environment variables (SGE_ROOT, ...) and binary names (sge_qmaster, ...). Otherwise we'd cause a major pain for our users:-).

That means the release or patches can be safely installed to update an earlier SGE 6.2 release or upgrade from SGE 6.1 and before.

This is a maintenance release for the SGE core system and the Service Domain Manager (SDM). SDM is now coming with a Generic Service Adapter and a JMX SLO. You'll find more about this functionality in the soon to go live OGE 6.2u7 wiki docs. A few helpful improvements have been added to suspend the local or remote session of qrsh jobs.

All in all we fixed more than 100 issues in the code and made quite some usability improvements. Under the hood scalability and throughput improvements for batch jobs, parallel jobs and interactive jobs are constantly made. The Service Domain Manager is becoming an increasingly important module of the Oracle Grid Engine product suite.


--------- Like the Sun Grid Engine releases since SGE 6.2u3, the product is not anymore "free" to use. With the download you accept a 30 day (before 90 day) evaluation license unless you have a valid SGE/OGE license.


----- External product page:

Download (coming very soon, not yet available as of today 12/24): -> Check for "Product Pack" "Oracle Enterprise Manager" and select "Oracle Grid Engine" with release "" (file size approx. 800MB includes all platforms in all supported packing formats (tar.gz, pkgadd, RPM)

Documentation (watch for link to 6.2u7 docs, coming in January, 6.2u6 docs can be used as well):

Patches (available now):

Patch matrix: -> see wiki docs for OGE 6.2u7 -> see patch READMEs

Best regards, Andy Schwierskott Snr. Development Manager Oracle Grid Engine andreas <dot> schwierskott (at) oracle <dot> com


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