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Subject:[platypus-announce] Version 0.2.2 of Platypus (Page Layout and Typesetting System) released. (
Date:Aug 22, 2010 11:39:58 pm

We've just posted v. 0.2.2 of Platypus (Page Layout and Typesetting Software) to the project website at:

New features in this release:

- *URLs*: you can add clickable URLs to PDF documents. These can be raw URLs or they can be hidden under cover text.

- *Code and Listings:* you can easily specify in-line code as well as listings. Code in listings can optionally have numbered lines, and the lines can be numbered every 1,2, 3, etc. lines--as your needs dictate.

- *Bullet lists*: Bullet lists can be nested and the bullet character for each list is user-selectable.

- *Save and restore current format*: if you switch formats frequently, you can now save (and later restore) the current format with a single command.

- *Many new symbols* and special characters.

- *Better Linux support*. Filenames and configuration directories are now Linux friendly.

- *Preliminary support for HTML output*. A new plugin currently provides support for basic HTML output. The next release of Platypus will make HTML a first-class output option with near-parity for PDF features.

Next release:

We are changing our schedule to somewhat more frequent releases, rather than saving all the features for semi-annual releases.

The next release should ship around year end. We anticipate adding the following features:

- insertion of graphics (JPG and GIF files) - color text and color background - full HTML support - other features that we can fit in, or that you, our users, request.

-- -- -- --

Please send comments, suggestions, complaints to us at: /platypus (at) pz(.) org/

Many thanks for your continued support!

---The Platypus Team

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