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Subject:Re: Invitation to join Apache Mahout as a committer
From:Sebastian Schelter (
Date:Jul 26, 2010 5:27:38 am


I'm glad to have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project. I have always liked the principles of open source software (in fact I think they should be applied to lots of other fields too) and I've been a fan of Apache for a long time.

So a few words about myself...

I'm 28 years old, moved from Bavaria to Berlin after school and now live in the district Kreuzberg. I'm currently finishing my studies of computer science at "Freie Universität Berlin" with my diploma thesis titled "Comparison of several methods for product recommendation in E-Commerce" for which I'm using Mahout as a technical basis.

Besides my studies I've been working in the software industry for 6 years now, mainly building web applications in Java for several German companies like, or Two years ago I was involved in the development of eCareer, a career platform where I had to implement the search and recommender system. I ran into lots of interesting information retrieval related problems while doing this and began to read about the theoretical background. That was also the time when I stumbled upon Apache Mahout. I found out that the world of information retrieval and machine learning is much more interesting to me than traditional software engineering (and I found out that I should have paid much more attention in my linear algebra classes :)). I had wanted to participate in an Apache project for a long time and this year I finally found the courage to contribute. I'm very happy about the feedback I got in this project, I'm looking forward to learning a lot and I think it's safe to assume we're producing a great piece of software!

I'm having a vegan diet for nearly ten years now, I like skateboarding and tabletop games and I have started several projects that are currently on hold due to lack of time and/or funding, including a search engine for vegan products, a platform where people can create their own Maniac-Mansion-style point-and-click adventure games (and have their friends play them online) as well as a multithreaded Java webcrawler programmable in JavaScript.

I hope that wasn't too much information ;)

@isabel: Looking forward to the Hackathon!


Am 26.07.2010 10:30, schrieb Isabel Drost:

On Sat Sebastian Schelter <> wrote:

Thank you for the invitation. I'd love to be a committer.

I will complete the CLA and let you know when this is done.

Welcome as a new committer to the Apache Mahout project - looking forward to more cool stuff. It's great to have more people from Berlin join the project: Should have a Mahout Hackathon here in the not so distant future.

Sebastian, tradition is new committers give a little background on themselves :)

Cheers from Mitte, Isabel