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Subject:[zfs-discuss] Does your device honor write barriers?
From:Bryant Eadon (
Date:Feb 10, 2009 10:35:39 am


I've been following the thread titled 'ZFS: unreliable for professional use' and I've learned a few things. Put simply, external devices don't behave like internal ones.

From JB :

The good news is that ZFS is getting popular enough on consumer-grade hardware. The bad news is that said hardware has a different set of failure modes, so it takes a bit of work to become resilient to them. This is pretty high on my short list.

from PS : I had a cheap-o USB enclosure that definitely did ignore such commands. On every txg commit I'd get a warning in dmesg (this was on FreeBSD) about the device not implementing the relevant SCSI command.

I use 3 external devices of on 2 models of external enclosures (eSATA and USB consumer grade)-- how can I test this write barrier issue on these 2 ?? Is it worthwhile adding to a wiki (table) somewhere what has or has not been tested ?

Given that ZFS is planned to be used in Snow Leopard, is it worth setting something up for consumer grade appliance vendors to 'certify' against? ("Ok, you play nice with ZFS by doing the right things", etc.. ) Maybe you can give them a 'Gold Star' == 'Supports ZFS' . That'll give them a selling point to consumers and Sun some free marketing ?

Thoughts ?

Thanks, Bryant