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Tommaso TeofiliDec 2, 2013 11:50 pm 
Subject:[IP CLEARANCE][VOTE][RESULT] Sling Replication
From:Tommaso Teofili (
Date:Dec 2, 2013 11:50:58 pm

Hi all,

since the 72hours have passed and no -1s have been cast the lazy consensus vote for the Sling Replication IP Clearance passes.

Regards, Tommaso

Hi all,

Apache Sling has received the donation of a replication module. the process is tracked under SLING-3254 [1] and the source code patch is available in SLING-3223 [2].

The IP Clearance document is placed under:

Note that we intend to place the code below: see [2] for more details.

Please vote to approve this contribution. Lazy consensus applies: if no -1 votes are cast

within the next 72 hours, the vote passes.

[ ] +1 Accept Sling Replication into Apache Sling [ ] -1 Reject the contribution because...

Thanks and regards, Tommaso

[1] : [2] :