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Leaving aside political sensitivities etc..., Sentry Services sounds like a dry cleaner or a provider of bar bouncers to me.... I'm not sure it will automatically conjure up an accurate picture in peoples' minds.


Bob Blakley Chief Scientist, Security Tivoli Systems, Inc.

Eric Olden <> on 01/26/2001 12:53:45 PM

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Sentry Services Markup Language doesn't appear to be very descriptive of what is being attempted. It also would lead one to believe that the standard was based only on the 'original' S2ML rather than the joint effort of the many participants.

A goal should be to de-politicize the name from S2ML or AuthXML and reflect the broader contributions that are being made.

I believe that Carlisle is on the right track with "Active XML Credentials Exchange Specification", which has the intuitive and somewhat appropriate acronym "AXCES" (pronounced "access").


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I think that the most consensus we could go for at this stage is to change the word Security to something more specific.

How about :

Sentry Services Markup Language? (S2ML)