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Subject:Re: Embedded One Pager
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Date:May 20, 2010 8:03:39 pm

Marina Vatkina wrote:

Siraj Ghaffar wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. Please see inline :

Dominik Dorn wrote:

It would be great if additionally to just specify how the embedded server is used, also examples on how to use them in (unit)-tests are given.

Would JUnit/maven examples be good?

In this context, it should be possible to actually launch an embedded server without binding it to a specific port, to allow parallel runs of test cases.

port binding is optional. Embedded server can start without the actual binding.

How would you do that? I needed to explicitly suppress ports in the embedded EJB container's version of the domain.xml to avoid conflicts with a running GF.

If the domain.xml has configuration that uses some port, then those ports would be used up. The default domain.xml does have some configuration elements that use certain ports. I will try a few scenarios where no port is used and see how embedded behaves.


These given test cases should serve as best practice examples on how to test JavaEE6 Applications in a Glassfish Embedded Environment.

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The one-pager description of our plans for embedded for 3.1 is at :

We look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please enter them as replies to this topic by June 1, 2010.

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