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Subject:[xwiki-devs] [Proposal] Bug Fixing Day #6 on October 4 + BFD every first Thursday of the Month
From:Vincent Massol (
Date:Sep 17, 2012 11:17:08 pm

Hi devs and contributors,

It's been a long since we last organized a Bug Fixing Day. I've published all
our last results about XWiki Days at

I've also created a dashboard for listing all issues fixed during all our past
Bug Fixing Days at

Our total score is 97 issues. We can do better! Well done to Sergiu who has the
high score by far with 49 issues fixed.

I'd like to propose the 6th BFD since we're deriving quite a lot on our bug
count. For the past 365 days 824 bugs were created and we solved 734 which means
we're behind by 90 bugs just for that rolling period…


This means we're loosing the battle every day since every day more bugs are
created than solved (our total unclosed bug count is 793, see

What we should be doing instead is have the green line just slightly above the
red bar on
This would mean we're catching up slowly on the bug count.

I'd like to propose the date of the **4th of October **for our sixth BFD and
more generally I'd like to propose having a BFD every month on the first
Thursday of every month, with the goal of reducing drastically this roving bug


Thanks -Vincent