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Subject:Updated procrun binaries
From:Mladen Turk (
Date:May 29, 2009 4:17:19 am


As you could see from the SVN log I've updated procrun binaries to 2.0.5 version (Tagged as COMMONS_DAEMON_2_0_5 in commons)

It contains a fix that might help XP/SP1 and later using Java6 on systems that do not have msvcrt71.dll in the PATH (Something Sun refuses to fix) by using the SetDllDirectory API. (Like mentioned present on XP with SP1 and later).

Also I've removed the 64-bit GUI (tomcat(X)w.exe) because the 32-bit version can manage both 32 and 64 bit tomcat(X).exe

Now, IIRC Mark enabled .zip release so it'll contain both 32 and 64 bit binaries from 6.0.21 and later? If not we should really make some more user friendly link on the download section so those files can be picked up for 64-bit JVM users.