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CharbaxDec 28, 2007 5:53 am 
Subject:Feature Suggestion: Item Recommendations
From:Charbax ()
Date:Dec 28, 2007 5:53:22 am

I'm very impressed with the feed recommendations engine so far, but I'd like more. I'd like to get a personalised waterfall reader feed that provides me with recommended news items based on my tastes with options like this:

<- Filter by Google BlogRankings ->

Which would show more or less recommended items in terms of somekind of relevancy algorithm also based on number of posts per day, but especially somehow based on relevancy.

o Show only recommended items from the feeds user is subscribed to

o Show any item but based on subscribed feeds and reading history

o Base recommendations on previously starred items

o Remove story duplicates (Google identifies the best suited blog post to define one story, and provides a tree-like way to choose other less relevant blog posts that talk about the same thing)

And make it possible to share ones starred items, as well as share