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Subject:[GSoC] Proposal - Automated webapp tests
From:Jakob Korherr (
Date:Mar 25, 2010 5:25:37 pm


As we currently only have normal JUnit tests for automated testing in MyFaces Core, it would be really great to have a way to test MyFaces Core automatically in a real webapp at build time with maven. Of course, we currently have the test-webapp, but we still have to check each page manually here, if we want to test everything, which is long-winded.

To accomplish something like that we could use test frameworks like e.g. Canoo WebTest or HttpUnit + Jetty or something similar. I also want to mention JSFUnit here, although we won't be able to use it since it is LGPL licensed.

The goal of this GSoC project would be to find alternatives and also to find the best-fitting test framework for MyFaces Core. Then the goal would be to integrate it with MyFaces Core, to define rules and provide how-tos and to write a bunch of test cases.

This would help us enormously in ensuring and improving the quality of MyFaces Core by getting a far bigger test coverage and more possibilities to test.

What do you think? Are there any students who are interested in working on this?

Regards, Jakob