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Subject:[saxon] Zip file extension
From:Brian Newman (
Date:Dec 15, 2009 2:20:18 pm

I'd like to suggest an extension function for the processor - namely the ability
to access and read files accessed within zip files as if using document(). Many XML developers are working with large numbers of XML files which are often
zipped together. Normally, to run a transform on one, a developer has to use a
custom built extension function to reach inside the zip file and read out the
XML file contained within. If the XML file is going to be added back to the zip
file (or added to a second zip file), another custom built extension function is
needed. Another common task is seeing how large a file actually is on disk (or,
if zipped, file size when uncompressed). While it is easy enough to write such custom extension functions, it also seems
like this is re-building the wheel every time it's done. A built-in extension
function (either in the processor or, better yet, in the language) to handle
such things would be a boon to myself and, I'm sure, many others as well.