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Subject:[AFSCS40] Release status for CS 4.0
From:Alex Huang (
Date:Sep 24, 2012 7:26:39 pm

Hi All,

I've been reminded that I've neglected to update the community on the current
status for CloudStack 4.0. I apologize for that oversight. From now til the
actual release, I will give a daily update on the status. If you feel anything
is missing, please let me know and I'll try to include them on the next update.

Summary As of 9/24/2012, CloudStack 4.0 release has past code freeze stage (over three
weeks ago). A source code branch has been forked and is called 4.0. Nightly
build is running on Jenkins on the 4.0 build.

Feature List There are two features that missed the 4.0 release. Auto-Scaling and Brocade
Plugin. Both are due to having significant code changes due past the code
freeze date.

Code Readiness - There are ~5 code related reviews on the review board scheduled for 4.0. Most
of them are waiting for review and commit. - There are <10 bugs on Jira for the first cut of the release. - Upgrade from previous versions is currently being worked on. Scheduled to be
done by the end of the week.

License Readiness - Majority of the VM configuration issues have been resolved. There is one
remaining wrt rsyslog.conf. Thanks to Chiradeep and Chip. - Technology export issues are still be worked on by David Nalley and AFS legal.
This may be a blocking issue. - Licenses need auditing.

Doc Readiness The current plan for docs is to write an INSTALL.TXT to give instructions on how
to install from source. All docs will be generated to a living document that
continues to improve past the release. The link to this living document is to
be determined.

TODO: Docs need help on the new features in the 4.0 release. Specifically we
need help with Niciria Integration and Caringo documentation.

QA Status QA is proceeding through the test cycle. It is currently at 45% of completion.
The number of bugs generated from the tests have been minimum so the quality of
the release currently looks pretty good.

Release Plan - The current plan is for QA to complete its test cycle between 9/26-9/28. - When QA decides the test cycle is read, we will cut a RC1 release. - We are currently pushing to clear bugs generated from the test cycle asap. - After all P1 and P2 bugs are cleared, 4.0 release will be submitted for
approval to announce.