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Subject:Flex just became a TLP (top-level project) with Alex as our VP
From:Carol Frampton (
Date:Dec 19, 2012 1:13:02 pm

On 12/19/12 4 :00PM, "Doug Cutting" <> wrote:

The December board meeting took place on the 19th.

The following directors were present:

Rich Bowen Doug Cutting Bertrand Delacretaz Roy T. Fielding Ross Gardler Jim Jagielski Brett Porter Sam Ruby Greg Stein

The following officers were present:

Shane Curcuru Chris Mattmann

The November minutes were approved.

All of the received reports to the board were approved.

The following reports were not received and are expected next month:

Report from the Apache Any23 Project [Michele Mostarda] Report from the Apache Tiles Project [Greg Reddin] Report from the Apache XMLBeans Project [Cezar Andrei]

The following resolutions were passed unaminously:

A. Change the Apache Hive Project Chair (Carl Steinbach, VP) B. Establish the Apache Wink Project (Luciano Resende, VP) D. Establish the Apache Flex Project (Alex Harui, VP) E. Change the Apache OpenEJB Project Name

The following resolution was tabled, due to branding concerns:

C. Establish the Apache OpenMeetings Project

The next board meeting will be on January 16, 2013.