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Subject:Re: How to debug XS Module
From:David Dyck (
Date:Jan 5, 1999 2:27:37 pm

search man ExtUtils::MakeMaker for static

or just type make perl

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Peter J Jones wrote:

I know that this question must have been asked before but a few days of searching newsgroups and web sites did not turn up any answers. I also could not find a way to search pervious posting to this mailing list. On to my question...

I have some C code that I want to call from Perl. I make a test.c file that has a main routine in it so that I could make sure that the code compiles and runs, which it does. I then do all the XS stuff and perl Makefile.PL, make, make test and my C code dumps core. I was able to find out where (after using a bunch of printf statements) the code is dumping core. It is a call to XpmCreatePixmapFromData. I need to launch a debugger to find out why the call to this routine is dumping core. I do test the results of this call but the program never gets that far. Do I need to rebuild Perl with debuggin symbols in order to debug?

I know that this is way too long but I though that someone might have been in the same boat. So how in the world do I debug my Perl Module?