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Subject:[xml-dev] xml over http - RFC 3023
From:Andrew Welch (
Date:Nov 27, 2008 2:13:51 am

Hi all,

There's a very good article here about the problem of reading feeds from all over the world in different encodings:

It describes how you (sometimes) have the encoding in the http content type but also the encoding in the xml prolog, and the problems of choosing which to use.

It also talks of RFC 3023 which sounds like it was an attempt to sort it out. The article is dated July 2004 and I'm wondering if there's any more recent information? Is there any support in modern parsers - for example can I give the parser a URL and it takes care of the rest?

At the moment it all seems pretty complicated... especially considering XML was designed for the web. The problem of parsing feeds from all over the world must have tackled a few times over by now?


-- Andrew Welch Kernow:


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