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Subject:Transferring old posts: Platypus v. 0.2.0. now available (from 26 Dec 09 ) (
Date:Jul 8, 2010 12:02:53 am

After a two-month test cycle, v. 0.2.0--a major update--has been posted to the Platypus project website (

This release is a complete rewrite, using a new plug-in architecture that is already accelerating product development. It uses a new installation procedure, which is explained in the documentation. In addition, this release contains bug fixes and a handful of new features.

New features include:

- Support for all TrueType fonts and font collections, and OpenType fonts - Paragraph indentation from left and right sides - Customizable column widths - The ability to turn footers on and off - More debugging support (when your documents don't look how you expect) - An output plugin that generates color-coded listing of Platypus files.

Please post questions or comments to the user mailing list (see

Good news for Platypus users: Our development team welcomed a new member, recently: Atul Khot. And so, we are optimistic that we can reward your kind patience with regular addition of new features. Our goal is to provide quarterly updates. The next release is scheduled to contain the following features:

- URLs (with anchor text) - color fonts - color text - bulleted lists - initial support for code listings - numerous foreign letters, mathematical symbols, and special characters - preliminary support for HTML output

You can track our progress on these items on the feature dashboard our our developer wiki at We actively solicit feedback on feature selection. Let us know your needs and preferences.

Many thanks for your continued support!

---The Platypus Team platypus @ pz (dot) org