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Subject:Glassfish Update Mechanism (
Date:Jul 23, 2010 6:31:18 am


This is probably a non-standard use case but maybe interesting to some.

We actually don't just deploy our application in Glassfish. We actully install
Glassfish at client locations - they run a kind of intranet web based
application that talks to their local Glassfish server. This server allows
clients to work when there is no internet connection etc...

One thing glassfish has is automatic updates - so the client installs can update
when/if they do attach to internet.

What we would love to do is host our application so that it too could be
"updated" to the client servers automatically - allowing us to "push" new
releases out to these glassfish installs...

Anyone know a good way of doing this - any way at all to become a "proprietary
update site" - or is that only for glassfish infrastructure updates -

Any thoughts appreciated/anyone doing anything similar etc

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