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Subject:[PHP-DEV] Addition of calendar to intl
From:Gustavo Lopes (
Date:Apr 2, 2012 1:35:35 am


I have exposed ICU's Calendar API to PHP via the intl extension. It allows date calculations with Gregorian, Chinese, Coptic, Ethiopic, Hebrew, Indian, Islamic (civil/religious), Japanese, Persian, Taiwan and Thai Buddhist calendars. For a broader overview of its functionality, see:

I have committed already this change:

Traditionally, these kinds of additions to the intl extension (that mostly exposed 1 to 1 the ICU API) have not been preceded (or even followed) by any discussion; however, Stas expressed the opinion this is not a proper course of action nowadays.

Consequently, if anyone has any non-trivial substantive (as opposed to procedural) concern with this change, I will revert the merge and submit an RFC.