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Subject:[PHP-DOC] A goodbye, of sorts, long live PHP!
From:Philip Olson (
Date:May 20, 2015 6:25:54 pm

Hello fellow doc geeks,

As some of you may know, I'm the (theoretical) editor of the PHP manual. An
ambiguous title because we all edit the manual so mostly it's a commitment to
spending consistent time worrying about the PHP documentation. It also means
performing tasks that few want to work on, finalizing tough decisions and
pushing them forward, staying positive, and gently guiding new folks towards
helping. Lately I've been spending inconsistent to virtually no time here so I'm
stepping down from this role. Thank you for honoring me with this title exactly
eight years ago as of today! Gosh, those enjoyable eight years went by fast!

I think several here qualify so good luck to whoever takes on this role, and
kudos to all of the fine folks who continue to spend so much time improving the
documentation. Looks like Peter has done well to start the PHP 7 documentation
movement so maybe he’s willing to guide this meritocracy forward :)

Again, thank you for the fun ride, and see you around both here and on IRC.

Warm regards, PHiliP