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Subject:v. 0.2.4 of Platypus (Page Layout and Typesetting System) released (
Date:Jan 1, 2011 3:19:41 am

Happy New Year from the Platypus team!

Version 0.2.4 of Platypus is now available for download at: This release is a bug-fix upgrade for a few code defects and some important omissions in the documentation.


- Fonts in PDF's: Occasionally, italic or bold text would appear in lieu of the expected font; some exceptions on loading font;

- URLs with cover text in PDFs: Some links were not showing up correctly in the PDF files.

- Font directory files: Errors could occur in configuration files that tell Platypus where font files are located on the system.


- Added omitted details of the ways of embedding URLs.

- Added omitted discussion of how to specify additional directories to examine for fonts for PDF files. This is particularly useful for Linux and UNIX-based systems, where fonts are placed in many separate directories.

If you're generating PDF documents, we strongly suggest you upgrade to this new version. *

In the next release*:

- graphics (JPG and GIF files)

- color text and color background

- full HTML support

- ability to specify that paragraphs should not be split across columns or pages

- other features that we can fit in.

Please send comments, suggestions, complaints to us at platypus (at) pz org.

---/The Platypus Team/

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