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Subject:Poddling status
From:Alexander Broekhuis (
Date:Jan 10, 2012 10:30:53 pm

Hi all,

On the incubator list a discussion is going on about slow/small poddlings and how to handle these. Celix is one of these poddlings.

For Celix I see the following problems (at least): - No community growth (or not visible..) - No new committers - No releases made

I think a plan is needed to see how we can move Celix towards graduation, how we can get a community, more committers etc.

Looking at the three items, the first two will be the most difficult, and require the most attention. We have been working on visibility, going to the EclipseCon, ApacheCon and several other smaller local community events.

I'd like to hear what people following this list think of these problems, and how we can move towards a healthy community. What is holding you back? What is needed to be able to adopt Celix? Feel free to express any concern or opinion you have. Either technical, documentation etc.