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Subject:Git hosting is go
From:Ross Gardler (
Date:Dec 10, 2011 4:46:46 am

Infra had agreed that we can participate in the Git alpha trading.

A few points to be aware of:

- access control in the incubator is not yet on a per project basis. This means all incubation project committers will have write access. This means gating of commits is policy rather than technical issue

- if the alpha should fail for any reason we will have to move to SVN

- some of your mentors have had to personally back this move - this is extra work for those mentors. I expect some rough spots as we work things out. I trust we will all pull together.

To get things moving someone needs to create an infra ticket requesting migration. Include details of the current location of your code and since it is coming from an external provider please link to details of appropriate software grants and CLAs

I suggest you request it under the, linking to an infra ticket relating to the name change.


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