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Subject:Revising Perl's OO docs - a new OO tutorial
From:Dave Rolsky (
Date:Feb 28, 2011 12:49:26 pm

I've been working on a new OO tutorial for Perl. This is part of a larger goal for the Perl docs to revise all of the existing OO documentation.

My new document is available online for review:

This document has several goals. First, I want to introduce the reader to general OO concepts like classes and methods. Second, I want to explain how these are done in Perl. Finally, I want to get them started with writing OO code as quickly as possible.

That final goal means I _do not_ explain lots of low-level stuff about how to create objects. I just point the reader to CPAN and say "here's some OO frameworks to explore".

Right now we have the following:

perltoot - Tom's object-oriented tutorial for perl perltooc - Tom's OO Tutorial for Class Data in Perl perlboot - Beginner's Object-Oriented Tutorial

To the best of my knowledge, all of these documents date back to the initial Perl 5 release. No offense intended to Tom or Randal (the authors), but these documents have become extremely out of date in the intervening 16+ years. Basically, there's a _lot_ of low-level stuff that folks new to Perl 5 OO don't need to think about.

I'd like to remove all of these documents. They no longer reflect modern Perl 5 OO practice, and I think any newbie reading them will just be massively confused.

We also have:

perlbot - Bag o' Object Tricks (the BOT)

This document includes both tricks (aka weird shit you can do with Perl) and some best practices. The best practices are generally are still relevant, but the rest of the document is very out of date (there's a section on using SDBM!).

Finally, we have:

perlobj - Perl objects

This is basically reference documentation. This could probably use some revision, but we obviously still want a reference.

So my proposal is ...

* Replace all the existing tutorial docs with my new document

* Consider rewriting perlbot into a perloobp document (OO Best Practices), or just remove it, since there's lots of best practice advice available elsewhere.

* Revise perlobj to make sure it as complete and clear as possible.

Now I'll just put on my asbestos suit.


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