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Subject:Re: [Discussion] Tajo documentation
From:Hyunsik Choi (
Date:Feb 27, 2014 11:59:14 pm

I've created TAJO-642 issue. Please take a look at the candidate documentations:

Best regards, Hyunsik

Hi Henry,

You can see lots of examples at

I think that we will mostly make user documentations with Sphinx. Sphinx uses pygments for syntax highlighting. It supports a variety of languages as you can see So, there is no language dependent problem. In addition, developer documentation would be sufficient with javadoc and wiki.

Yes, I have a plan to change a single user documentation md file ( into RST format of Sphinx. As you can see, I have faced many problems aforementioned while I'm making the documentation. I believe that Sphinx will solve these problems.

Thanks, Hyunsik

On Thu, Feb 27, 2014 at 8:31 AM, Henry Saputra <>wrote:

Sorry for the late reply Hyunsik.

I have never used Sphinx before but quick glance from the website I thought it is primarily used to document Python code?

Is the plan to move all md files for Tajo doc into bunch of Sphinx files?

Looks like Pandoc [1] can help covert md files into Sphinx code.

- Henry


On Mon, Feb 24, 2014 at 9:23 PM, Hyunsik Choi <> wrote:

Hi folks,

I would like to discuss the choice of documentation tool. Currently, we have used markdown and generated single page HTML document from the markdown via maven-site-plugin.

I think that this approach has several problems as follows: * a single page is very inconvenience to edit documents. I should have frequently scrolled a long page. * The generated html from markdown page does not support table of contents. The table of contents in the current doc has been manually written by hand. * It is hard to output multiple doc formats from single source.

According to the characteristics of our project, we should maintain lots of documentations. I think that it is very important to choose the proper documentation tool before too late.

I've found open source documentation tools for Tajo. I would like to propose using sphinx ( for our documentation tool. It seems to meet our needs.

If you know other nice doc tools, feel free to suggest.