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Subject:Failed to start the display server several times in a short time period; disabling display :0
From:Marc Duponcheel (
Date:Jan 2, 2003 4:45:38 pm

Hello gdm list,

To the gdm programmers. Thanks and congratulations for this great gnome contribution.

I just subscribed to this list so maybe I ask for the obvious.

Here is:

For many years I update my systems with latest software (including latest gnome sources) and recently, for some obscure reason, I can no longer start gdm. It loops attempting and shows a dialog to disable attempts to run the X server. Since I update things daily, it is hard to tell exactly whan things broke, I guess last week or two.

I can run startx or X manually.

So maybe the issue is exactly that I run software which is too recent (again the latest one in gnome/source, mostly named 2.1.x)?

I can email the gdm.conf and the syslogs with debugging on. Such debugs seem to tell me that the greeter died (and therefore, no doubt, also the X server).

I once tried to run X and then the greeter manually. It kind of worked but I could not input my username.

Thanks for your valuable time