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Subject:Pulling Geronimo Configuration
From:Chance Yeoman (
Date:Feb 10, 2009 8:09:43 am

Hello All,

I am interested in setting up geronimo installations that can pull installed
plugins and their dependencies exclusively from a repository within a master
geronimo server. I hope to eventually have an automated process allowing
cluster members to poll a cluster-specific geronimo server repository for
available, locally uninstalled plugins. My goal is to be able to more easily
manage geographically separated cluster members and to quickly add or
reinitialize nodes.

I've been having trouble getting started as I receive HTTP 401 responses when
installing remote plugins using the admin interface, even with security turned
off on the maven-repo URL. I can list the contents of the remote server's
repository, but not install plugins.

My question is: Is using the GeronimoAsMavenServlet even the correct approach
to pull-based configuration? How have others implemented configuration pulling?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,