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Subject:[cmis] Proposal for "Mash-up/Browser" bindings
From:David Nuescheler (
Date:May 6, 2009 2:16:26 am

Dear TC members,

as part of the upcoming Apache Chemistry [1] project I started producing a JavaScript library that would allow to access the atom bindings and would allow a mash-up client (browser) to interact with a CMIS compliant repository. As you can see on the CMIS matrix [2], the JavaScript client was able to connect to a variety of repositories.

I noticed that the atom bindings do not lend themselves to be consumed by a lightweight browser client and for example cannot even satisfy the very simple usecase of uploading a file from the browser into a CMIS repository. Even simple read operations require hundreds of lines of JavaScript code.

Based on my impressions I started to have conversations with a number of other TC members during the plugfest and over lunch I had a discussion with Al and others at my table around the topic of adding an additional binding that was based on JSON GETs for reading and multi-part POSTs for writing. The goal of this binding would be to deliver on the mash-up usecase and allow for very simple interaction with current web browsers. from a functional standpoint these bindings don't necessarily need to cover the full spectrum of cmis functionality, but instead should allow the most simple and convenient access to the repository just to break down the entry barrier for web developers.

I think we could call it the "mashup-" or "web-" or "browser-binding".

It seemed that everybody I talked to was very excited, so I would like to volunteer to write and orchestrate a proposal (Dave Caruana volunteered to help me ;) ). I understand that we would be operating under a great time pressure based on our schedule but i am confident that having such a binding would make CMIS a true web 2.0 specification and hence would add a lot of value.

Please let me know what you think.

regards, david

[1] [2]

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