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Subject:[Jython-dev] Identifying executed lines in jython
From:Chris Burroughs (
Date:May 11, 2009 6:05:46 am

Most python coverage tools depend on the CPython co_lnotab implementation. For example, both Coverage and figleaf use code like this modeled on the stdlib dis and trace modules: byte_increments = [ord(c) for c in code.co_lnotab[0::2]] line_increments = [ord(c) for c in code.co_lnotab[1::2]]

The jython differences page <> says that this co_lnotab will probably never be supported. What is the recommended way for developers to determine which lines of jython code were executed? Have the co_lnotab support plans changed, or should the .class files be examined, or is there an alternative approach?

Thank you.

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