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Konstantin KolinkoMar 16, 2010 9:07 pm 
Mladen TurkMar 16, 2010 11:18 pm 
jean-frederic clereMar 17, 2010 12:57 am 
Subject:[RESULT] (Was: [VOTE] C-T-R for any translation fixes)
From:Konstantin Kolinko (
Date:Mar 16, 2010 9:07:37 pm

Thank you for all your votes and feedback. I am tallying the results below.

1. Commit-Then-Review for any documentation, including JavaDoc and code

Already decided. No need to vote.

2. Allow C-T-R for changes to svn properties:

+1: Konstantin, Tim Mark: +1 for line endings, +0 for the rest 0: Rainer, Filip, Yoav -1: Mladen, Bill: because the proposal is too wide ("it can mean anything and nothing", and because for some of those changes "one needs a good reason")

RESULT: Does not pass

3. Allow C-T-R for any whitespace changes: These are generally discouraged, but might be necessary to ease backporting of patches.

+1: Konstantin, Mladen, Rainer, Tim Mark: +1. Only if required to ease back-porting. -1: Filip: "makes tracing down when and how code changed a pain. It's not beneficial." 0: Yoav, Bill

RESULT: Passes

4. Allow C-T-R for trivial fixes to English messages that are in resource files and those that are inline in the code. This includes typos and rephrasing, but does not include adding/removing message parameters.

+1: Konstantin, Mladen, Rainer, Yoav, Tim, Mark 0: Filip, Bill

RESULT: Passes

5. Allow C-T-R for any fixes for non-English resource files. The files must use 7-bit characters only. Other symbols must be escaped with \u, as does native2ascii.

+1: Konstantin, Mladen, Rainer, Yoav, Tim, Mark (providing that native2ascii has been used), Bill 0: Filip

RESULT: Passes

6. Require some indication in the commit message for code that usually is covered by RTC, that this commit was done using C-T-R rule.

+1: Mladen, Rainer, Bill +0: Mark: Putting CTR at the start works for me. 0: Konstantin, Filip, Yoav, Tim

RESULT: Passes

I did not count the votes by Henri Gomez (probably +1 to 2.,3.,4.,5.) and by Jean-Frederic Clere (looks like -0 to all), as those were not clear to me.