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Subject:[xwiki-users] Advice needed for new XWiki Enterprise 7.4.4 Setup
From:Polydectus84 (
Date:Aug 26, 2016 11:56:35 am

Hello Everyone,

I have managed to install XWiki Enterprise v.7.4.4 and have a few questions before really getting started. There are a few things that are unclear to me. Here is an overview for what it will be used for:

We have several teams: Computer Support, Sales, Warehouse, QA, Ops/Development, Office Administration. XWiki will be used as a knowledge-base for known issues, procedures and file hosting.

We want to have everyone be able to search for and create new pages/articles in any wiki except for Office Administration and perhaps 1 other. Also, for example, you are in the "Support" wiki and perform a search - we want search results from content in the "Warehouse" wiki to be included in the results.

1. Would you recommend that I create a "Wiki" for each department? 2. When creating the user accounts, should I create them while in the "Home" wiki (which is called Home by default installation), or am I doing that incorrectly? I am logged in as the Admin user and going to Administer Wiki > Users and Groups > Users > Add New User. 3. When installing extensions/applications - should I "Install" or "Install on farm"? I'm not quite sure what the "farm" is. Is it the Sandbox?

I ask because I tried to create a "new Wiki" and it is like I have to start from scratch again and create those user accounts in that wiki as well and adjust any cosmetic changes, changes to the skin, applications/extensions.

4. As easy as it seems, I am having a very difficult time with the Panels Wizard.

I have several other questions, but feel I shouldn't ask them until the above are answered.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.