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Subject:How to deploy web application to one port
From:Russell E Glaue (
Date:Dec 4, 2008 1:52:35 pm

Using geronimo-jetty 2.1.3

How do I deploy a web application to one and only one single port?

Let's say I have configured two Listen Sockets: 1) 2)

If I simply deploy a web application to Geronimo as in: % deploy HelloWorld.war

The sample application HellowWorld is accessible on both ports as in: 1) - SUCCESS!!! 2) - SUCCESS!!!

Now, I can modify WelloWorld/WEB-INF/geronimo-web.xml with the <virtual-host></virtual-host> attribute, but this restrict the web application to be served when the web client makes a HTTP 1.1 call to Geronimo for "" GET /hello

So with using this <virtual-host>, the HellowWorld is not available on either port when accessed as <server-ip>:<port-number>

So, how do I deploy a web application so that it is available on one port, but not another port, yet both ports running under one geronimo instance?

I want to deploy two web applications, each one accessible on a different port. If I do something like: % deploy HelloWorld_1.war % deploy HelloWorld_2.war

I want the results to be like: 1) - SUCCESS!!! 2) - Fail 3) - Fail 4) - SUCCESS!!!

How do I do this?