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Subject:v3 + UC issue: Latest nightly build for GlassFish Tools Bundle For Eclipse 1.2 is now available: (1.1.7)
From:Christopher Kampmeier (Chri@Sun.COM)
Date:Nov 25, 2009 6:58:48 am

Hi Ludo,

At least on Mac OS X, this bundle suffers from the same root install + pkg(5) issue as even the current NetBeans + GlassFish v3 bundles. ie. out of the box, use of Update Tool, the pkg(1) CLI and desktop notifier + Software Update doesn't work. (If these features are not part of the test plan, they need to be added).

Assuming that the user managing the installation is usually not root, the post install workaround is to:

$ sudo chown -R <user id>:<group id> /Applications/

Doing this will allow the non-root user to use the Update Tool GUI and pkg(1) CLI to manage the installation of v3. It will also enable the desktop notifier and Software Update GUIs, which run as the non-root user, to inspect and update the image.

I am in the process of adding the gory details of why this is a problem when pkg(5) is involved to an existing bug report filed under Update Center. I'll also update the v3 tracking bug once those details are updated.

We should also file a tracking bug for the Eclipse + v3 bundle. Where is that issue tracker? (Same goes for NetBeans because it's not clear to me that there is a tracking bug for the NetBeans installer).

I haven't downloaded and tried the bundles on other OS platforms, but a root install on those and an attempt to manage the install as a non-root user will result in the same issue. (Being in the same group ID doesn't help - which will be explained in the underlying UC bug report).

It's not clear to me whether you have an option to wire your installer to install the content as non-root. I see about 15% of my apps under /Applications installed as non-root.

Installing as non-root from the get go would certainly avoid the issue pkg(5) has with the combo of root ownership + non-root management. I know, NetBeans doesn't have an issue with the combo as long as a common group ID is in effect and permissions are proper, but pkg(5) is different in that it attempts to actively manages file permissions whereas NBM does not. More will be doc'd in the UC bug report.


Ludovic Champenois wrote:


The latest nightly build (1.1.7) for GlassFish Tools Bundle For Eclipse 1.2 is now available.

It contains:

* Latest Eclipse 3.5.1 IDE with WTP Java EE support * JSF Facelet plugin (from the Eclipse incubator project) to help the JSF 2.0 developer * Latest GlassFish v3 Java EE 6 Build 74 pre-registered and configured * JavaDB sample database pre-registered and configured * GlassFish Plugin (1.0.41) * Java EE 5 and updated Java EE 6 Javadoc code completion in the Java Editor * MySQL JDBC driver registered to the IDE * Maven m2 plugins * JAX-WS Metro plugin * GlassFish documentation * And optionally, a JDK 1.6. update 16

Get it from and give us feedback. The stable 1.2 version will be available soon after the release of GlassFish Java EE 6 v3 release.

The stable 1.1 version is still available at