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Zzyz...@WikipediaJan 31, 2006 12:31 am 
Subject:[WikiEN-l] Uploading fair use images in SVG format
From:Zzyz...@Wikipedia (@)
Date:Jan 31, 2006 12:31:53 am

After dealing with fair use images on user pages, and working with SVG image files, I have been quietly making some unilateral additions to WP:IUP and WP:FUC (actually they are corollaries to already existing policies).

The additions in a nutshell: Avoid uploading fair use images in SVG format because SVGs are, in essence, infinite-resolution images. They can be expanded to any size and still maintain the same quality high resolution.

An example of this can be found at [[Wikipedia:Preparing images for upload#Why you should use SVG over PNG]].

We do not want Wikipedia to become THE source for piracy, do we? Theoretically, a piracy thief could easily download an SVG logo like, expanded it to 2 meters in width, and illegally sell them as posters. But he would not be able to do the same thing with a PNG image like since the resolution will become very, very distorted.