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Subject:[sage-support] Re: How can you read a .txt/csv file in Sage?
From:Jason Grout (
Date:Feb 6, 2009 2:45:15 am

Marshall Hampton wrote:

Sometimes its convenient to use the DATA directory, which will be packaged with the worksheet if you save it (as a .sws file). So for example you could copy the file to the DATA directory doing something like:

os.system('cp /full/path/to/list2.txt ' + DATA + 'list2.txt')

and then

f = open(DATA + 'list2.txt')

should work, and would still work if you saved a worksheet copy and moved it to another computer.

I am tempted to open a ticket in trac for some sort of read_csv command, which might behave like the following (NOTE: this is just wishful thinking at this point):

data_list = read_csv('my_file.csv') # data_list would be a list of lists of row data, converted to numerical types if possible data_list = read_csv('my_file.csv', seperator = '\t') #split lines by a tab character instead data_list = read_csv('my_file.csv', fields = [int,int,string]) #perhaps useful to have more explicit field conversions

Does something like that already exist? Seems very common as a task. Of course its not that hard to do ad-hoc, but it would make things more user-friendly for lots of people I think.

Yes, python has a very nice CSV module. See