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Subject:Re: [maildropl] maildrop + offlineimap + vacation + msmtp + mutt
From:Ed Neville (
Date:Dec 12, 2016 11:34:09 am

On Thu, Dec 08, 2016 at 10:03:38PM -0200, Marcelo Laia wrote:

On 08/12/16 at 10:07, Ed wrote:

If you're on vacation, what will be picking up your mail?

I have a Director job. So, I need to replay and redirect any email arrived to job mbox.

It would be best to implement this at location that your mailbox resides at.

Yes! It will be done in my local machine (client).

Last time I needed to pick mail up in this fashion I used mbsync, which pulled the IMAP mailbox into Maildir, this allowed mutt to access the mailbox as normal and mbsync would push and pull the changes from either side.

However, what I'm suggesting is that you put the vacation job on the server that holds your IMAP store, not the place where you're picking the mail up.

My big problem is pipe massage from offlineimap to maildrop.

Yes, which is why I think this is done in the wrong place. If you're working with exchange, then it needs to be there. My concern is that if the job is on your workstation and you go away, would anyone get the response if there's a powercut and your workstation is left off until your return?

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