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Subject:Re: Problems with Axis 205 camera and Motion Detection.
From:Andrew Kirillov (
Date:Aug 9, 2007 5:03:40 pm


Some IP cameras produce HTTP header, which is not 100% conform to HTTP standard. That is why .NET classes raise exception trying to parse such header. But it is still to make it work using useUnsafeHeaderParsing attribute, which can be configured in application configuration file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <configuration> <> <settings> <httpWebRequest useUnsafeHeaderParsing="true" /> </settings> </> </configuration>

By the way. This may be done programmatically from code, so you will not need configuration file.

Sincerely, Andrew

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On Aug 10, 3:50 am, Tim <> wrote:

Hi All,

Noob with a problem... Per Code Project on Camera Vision - Video Surveillance on C# there was many camera's discussed. It looked like the Axis 205 got good reviews and ebay had a good price, so that is what i am using. I entered "http://24.999.999.999:725/Axis-cgi/mjpg/ video.cgi?resolution=340x240" in the motion detector and it then comes up with a video.cgi file for me to save locally. If I do "http://24.999.999.999:725/Axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?resolution=340x240" i get a image fine. If i use the above mjpg URL in a browser page i am requested to enter the userid (root by default) and password that i setup the camera with. It will install the activeX compondent and display video(mjpg). In my program which is a modified version of yours, I am using 1.4.2 libaries and .net 2.0 framework. Can you tell by this if it is my program or which I think; something to do with the camera setup. I thought i read somewhere about an issue with the .net 2.0 libaries and something that needed to be changed in the web config. This is not a web app but a windows one so i do know know if that applies. Your thoughts...