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Subject:Re: [tptp-testing-tools-dev] TPTP testing
From:Liz Dancy (
Date:Jun 8, 2007 7:17:13 am

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your interest in TPTP. I will need some more information from you in order to answer your questions. With regard to the first question, could you tell me which version of TPTP and the AGR you are using and on which platform. Could you also describe the shell you are trying to record on and/or attach a test case?

For the second question, you can use the AGR to test Eclipse-based plugin applications but the AGR does not currently support recording and playback on standalone SWT applications.

I hope this helps.


Liz Dancy IBM Toronto Lab lizdancy@xxxxxxxxxx

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Hi all,

I have some queries wrt supported application.

1.) I want to test an Eclipse-plugin, which opens a new shell via a menu. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture any action on that new shell. What's

my fault?

2.) Can I also test my own SWT application, which I implement with Eclipse (perhaps starting it via "Run-As"-menu)?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Martin