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Subject:Groups - wsrp-pfb-ebxml-tn-draft-06.doc uploaded (
Date:Sep 10, 2004 12:44:52 pm

The document wsrp-pfb-ebxml-tn-draft-06.doc has been submitted by Farrukh Najmi ( to the WSRP Publish/Find/Bind SC document repository.

Document Description: Version 0.6 Release Notes:

The version is a relatively mature draft that needs final review by SC and TC.

This version includes changes based upon:

-feedback received from last review of document in at the WSRP Aug 2004 f2f meeting.

-Section 1.2: Updated conventions to be consistent with WSRP specification conventions

-Edited entire spec to comply with WSRP specification conventions While the changes were quite tedious the result is a much improved readability and understandability of the document.

I propose that this version be put up for final approval vote by the WSRP-PFB SC and the WSRP TC.

Please send all comment in plain text via email to the mailing list. Please do not send edited versions of the source doc. Thanks.

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