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Subject:[thelist] UK Based Dedicated Servers
From:Hugh Miller (
Date:Feb 5, 2009 2:40:30 am

Morning all,

Is there anyone who reads the list who might have some useful feedback on UK based dedicated server companies; I would prefer them to also be a registrar.

From an initial look around, prices appear to range from around £80 to £120 per calendar month for servers that would be ample for my hosting needs. Currently pay about £1300 per year but recently there has been a lot of downtime with my host and I'm not getting the support I feel they should be giving us.

In terms of domains we have several hundred as we buy the / .com / .net and several variations on each of our main sites so obviously billing and admin wise it'd be better to have one company to deal with it all.

I've been looking at: , , and so far, but as is typical, it's quite difficult to see properly independent views on these sites (I visited one review site where a host had consistently poor feedback but heavily interlaced with over the top praise and scoring which actually gave them the highest score, and then another where the #1 host was tied in with the review site).

Of these four Heart Internet have been the most impressive.

If anyone has experience of any of these, or other companies they feel are worth a look at, I'd appreciate your views.

Cheers, H

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