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Subject:Re: Local plugins?
From:Jason van Zyl (
Date:Dec 9, 2002 2:12:54 pm

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 07:01, Peter Donald wrote:


Is it possible to define local plugins relative to a project or set of projects? or maybe a plugin can be defined by a url and downloaded somehow?

The plugin is packaged up in a JAR so you could simply create a dependency so that Maven will download it.

You can get the developers working on the project to specify a remote repository that you have set up to house the plugins.

Once you have the plugin, which is contained in the JAR, you can move it to the users plugins directory.

This is not the most elegant solution as what we want specifically for plugins doesn't work yet.

Essentially I want to define a couple of plugins that are fairly specific to a set of projects under development. So this plugin would likely be stores in a location like ../tools/maven/foo-plugin.jar - is it possible for me to register these things somehow ? Alternatively I can place the plugin on a web-server and download it?

If everyone is on the same network you can actually use a file:/ type url in the remote repo property (I know that is completely unintuitive but I know people are doing that) or if they are geographically separated you can set up your own http:/ repository for your project specific artifacts which can include plugins.

Or any other suggesitions?

-- jvz.

Jason van Zyl

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