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Subject:[Exist-open] Bugfix: important BTree page split issue
From:Wolfgang Meier (
Date:Jun 24, 2010 10:49:47 am

I finally managed to fix a bug for which I have been hunting for weeks (really!). It's an issue in the low-level btree page split code. It's not easy to reproduce (you need a large data set) and most users may not have encountered it at all. Funny enough, it could only ever be reproduced on windows, though it should theoretically apply to all OS.

The bug causes parts of the btree to be ignored during lookups, thus leading to incomplete or inconsistent indexes. If you had the impression that you missed some query results, checking out the 1.4.x branch might be worth a try. In the reproducible cases I saw, running a consistency check did also reveal the problem, so if you are unsure, run a consistency check via the emergency export tool to see if it reports any index issues.

The issue was the biggest show-stopper for the 1.4.1 release and we can now continue to finalize it.