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James TakacOct 10, 2007 7:30 pm 
Morgan StoreyOct 10, 2007 9:08 pm 
Subject:Re: streange error when trying to get updates
From:Morgan Storey (
Date:Oct 10, 2007 9:08:49 pm

Sounds like one of the GPG keys isn't installed, check by doing at command prompt,

sudo apt-get update then (the above step will give you errors, post them back to us) sudo apt-get upgrade

On 10/11/07, James Takac <> wrote:

Hi Guys

Can't seem to get the updates to download on one of my systems. Ubuntu 7.04. It shows the screen as if trying to download them then an error window comes up with

E: Invalid message from method http: Solutions for your privacy!

Anyone seen this before or got ideas about it?