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Jukka ZittingFeb 17, 2010 9:16 am 
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Subject:[jr3] One workspace to rule them all
From:Jukka Zitting (
Date:Feb 17, 2010 9:16:44 am


This is somewhat related to the unified persistence and microkernel ideas. Instead of keeping the different workspaces and the version storage in separate storage locations it might be useful for a repository to have just a single underlying content hierarchy whose subtrees are seen as separate workspaces by JCR sessions. This would make many cross-workspace operations easier to implement and would give us transactional versioning as an added bonus.

The most obvious trouble with this approach is that the node UUIDs would no longer be unique within such a super-workspace. I'm not sure how to best solve that problem, apart from switching to some alternative internal node identifiers. Any ideas?