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Subject:Re: [Courier-imap] UID/GID Errors with 4.3.0
From:Brian Candler (
Date:Jan 15, 2008 11:56:29 pm

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 04:13:56PM -0600, Roddie Hasan wrote:

You may find that it works if the uid is given as a name, rather than a number. (This depends on what backend database you're using)

From my courier-authlib debugs, this is what I saw being passed:

Jan 12 16:35:08 krweb authdaemond: Authenticated: sysusername=roddie, sysuserid=<null>, sysgroupid=20, homedir=/home/roddie, address=roddie, fullname=Roddie Hasan, maildir=<null>, quota=<null>, options=<null>

OK, next check for HAVE_INITGROUPS in numlib/config.h

This fields are the same for users that work and users that do not. The difference between the two is that the non-working users' Maildirs are in a different group than their login. This configuration worked fine before 4.3.0

I'm assuming launching imapd in a FreeBSD shell passes info the same way since I see the problem there, but I'm just guessing.

Could you explain that last bit? How exactly are you running imapd? The group-changing code will only be invoked if imapd is running initially as root, and is changing the account to settings returned by courier-authlib

If you invoke imapd directly at the shell, this won't happen. I think you'd have to invoke pop3login instead.