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Subject:RE: [GE users] [GE announce] Announcing qlicserver (FlexLM / GridEngine integration) upgrade
From:olesen (
Date:Apr 27, 2009 8:44:04 am

Can't use string ("24164760") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at ./qlicserver line 799.

I get the same error just extracting all files from the tar file and executing ./qlicserver -n (so without qlicserver.config) !

Or is this expected behavior and the qlicserver file must be somehow edited to not throw this error?

This error is from Perl itself and _definitely_ should not be happening. As the message say, it is somehow trying to use a string as a HASH reference.

Around the line 795 you'll see a bit of code with my $juggle. Try replacing it with this (FOR DEBUGGING ONLY):

my $juggle = sub { my ( $externUser, $internUser ) = @_;

warn "extern: ", Dumper($externUser), "\n"; warn "intern: ", Dumper($internUser), "\n"; };

If things are working properly, you should see output like this (if you don't happen to have any license features contained in the default configuration):

$ ./qlicserver-debug -n

extern: $VAR1 = {}; intern: $VAR1 = {};

If you have license features like in the default configuration, you should see things like this:

$ ./qlicserver-debug -n

extern: $VAR1 = { 'user@host 1' => 1, };

intern: $VAR1 = { '76455.0' => { 'user@host' => 1 } };

The next thing to test is FlexLM or GridEngine issues.

Try with a minimal path without FlexLM or GridEngine PATH=/usr/bin:/bin

and see if you still have the problem.

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