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Subject:[Openstack] [ceilometer] Release status 2012-10-05
From:Graham Binns (
Date:Oct 5, 2012 3:58:01 am

Hi all,

Here's a better-late-than-never release status update for Ceilometer 0.9. We're
now a week away from release.

Release in numbers


Bugs in progress: 5 Fixes committed: 39 Triaged bugs: 15 Confirmed bugs: 21 New bugs: 1

These numbers were generated using a launchpadlib API script (attached). We
haven't set up a milestone for the 0.9 release; I suggest that we do and will
take care of it today if no-one objects.

The full list of bugs by status is attached for completeness.

Status of roadmap


According to, there's one
bug still in progress that should be targeted for Folsom.0:

1021775: Assignee: jdanjou; Listen Quantum notifications

Julien, what's the situation with this? I know we're technically in feature
freeze but we've got a week left until release and if we can get this committed
and QA'd in time, that would be lovely.

QA status


I've no information about the QA status of any of the above bugs. Is this
recorded anywhere? If not, I'd suggest that we record it as a tag on the bug,
thus (liberally stolen from the Launchpad project):

- Not QA'd yet: qa-needstesting - QA'd; all good: qa-good - QA'd; bad: qa-bad (can be updated to qa-needstesting or -good once problems are fixed)

Objections, comments?

Further questions


Are there any bugs not listed on the roadmap that are essential for the 0.9

#! /usr/bin/env python from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad from launchpadlib.uris import LPNET_SERVICE_ROOT

project = "ceilometer" lp = Launchpad.login_anonymously('grabber', LPNET_SERVICE_ROOT)

project_bugtasks = lp.projects[project].searchTasks() by_status = {} for bug_task in project_bugtasks: if bug_task.status not in by_status: by_status[bug_task.status] = set([bug_task]) else: by_status[bug_task.status].add(bug_task)

bug_line = " {bug}: Assignee: {assignee}; {title}" for status, tasks in by_status.items(): print status print "-" * len(status) print "" print "Total bugs: %i" % len(tasks) for task in tasks: bug = task.bug bug_dict = { 'bug':, 'assignee': task.assignee or "None", 'title': bug.title, } print bug_line.format(**bug_dict) print "\n"

In Progress


Total bugs: 5 1012242: Assignee:; remove database
access from agent pollsters 1024563: Assignee:; Problems starting
ceilometer-collector due to missing notifications_topics flag 1046404: Assignee:; Ceilometer would
welcome a chef cookbook 1039069: Assignee:; remove "duration"
field 1021350: Assignee:; add self-
enable/disable check on plugin load

Fix Committed


Total bugs: 39 1024093: Assignee: None; remove dependency on nova.service 1055319: Assignee:; Flask package is missed
since tools/pip-requires is not used 1004200: Assignee:; make
collector listen on metering queue 1004127: Assignee:; convert to
openstack-common cfg 1023969: Assignee:; Enhance/implement
counter types 1053515: Assignee:; pep8 not checking
tests subdirectory 1060918: Assignee:; Misleading network
meter names(net_in_int, net_out_int) 1004130: Assignee:; fix logging
configuration 1004198: Assignee:; make agent
publish counters to metering queue(s) 1022679: Assignee:; add authentication
options to mongodb driver 1018443: Assignee:; set up doc
build 1004560: Assignee:; add listener
for instance "exists" notifications 1023054: Assignee:; Need to add a link
to the roadmap in the docs 1005944: Assignee:; need nova to tell
us when it is deleting instances 1006989: Assignee:; add emitting host
field to meter messages 1059765: Assignee:; define constants
for counter types 1060939: Assignee:; Wrong meter name
for disk IO 1006120: Assignee:; add metadata
to instance counters 1006366: Assignee:; create
developer documentation 1021775: Assignee:; Listen Quantum
notifications 1006425: Assignee:; add counter
type field 1051337: Assignee:; listen to cinder
notifications 1023061: Assignee:; gerrit review server
link needs to be updated 1004449: Assignee:; Pollster for network
traffic 1018311: Assignee:; Need documentation
on how to implement agents & plugins 1006995: Assignee:; clean up
redundant metering message fields 1006990: Assignee:; the collector
should verify the signature of incoming metering data 1007144: Assignee:; set up packaging 1008964: Assignee: None; update to use nova style flagfile config 1057462: Assignee:; volume notification
handler should listen for delete.start events as opposed to delete.end 1009586: Assignee:; copy
openstack-common into ceilometer 1033413: Assignee:; collector
record_metering_data exception on timestamp 1019423: Assignee:; nova packages do
not include config files when building from github zipballs 1021767: Assignee:; Need to implement
SQLAlchemy DB backend 1051335: Assignee:; poll glance for
image sizes 1021772: Assignee:; need pollster/agent
for cinder 1021324: Assignee:; add indexes
to mongodb driver 1057589: Assignee:; Poll Quantum for
network information 1005941: Assignee:; add pollster
for instance "exists" events



Total bugs: 15 1055814: Assignee: None; glance pollster logs ugly HTTP error if
username/password are not set 1031508: Assignee: None; grab latest common logging code 1005933: Assignee:; replace
cast() with notification for metering data 1057679: Assignee: None; implement get_volume_max for sqlalchemy 1056087: Assignee: None; floating ip pollster should trap error from lack of
ip addresses 1018471: Assignee: None; ceilometer logging does not understand "color" or
"instance" formatter values in logging config 1059624: Assignee: None; document how to start services 1057473: Assignee: None; need a default configuration file 1056785: Assignee: None; need a configuration debugging tool 1057463: Assignee: None; /volume API endpoint(s) need to determine the meter
"type" and perform the correct calculation 1048647: Assignee: None; need to use tz-aware datetimes 1034666: Assignee:; Remove nova db access
for all ceilometer code 1005935: Assignee:; create an api
for listening to notifications 1038043: Assignee: None; add config option for "source" 1052015: Assignee: None; MongoDB tests fail with MIM



Total bugs: 21 1004468: Assignee: None; Missing support for other hypervisors than libvirt 1028485: Assignee: None; mongodb indexes need names 1061817: Assignee: None; Efficient implementation of cumulative counter 1030128: Assignee: None; configure separate coverage test job in jenkins & tox 1028498: Assignee: None; need database management tool 1060919: Assignee:; Add support for
Keystone authentication 1056982: Assignee: None; Counter for Glance delete 1030119: Assignee:; document
example of collecting data about running servers 1030867: Assignee: None; add authentication checking to API server 1030120: Assignee: None; document the available meters 1060985: Assignee: None; Notifications are lacking for the L3 API 1010037: Assignee:; allow different
polling interval for each pollster 1004450: Assignee: None; Pollster for Swift 1056981: Assignee: None; Counter for Glance update 1060344: Assignee:; Add ceilometer-api
in devstack Keystone catalog 1048728: Assignee: None; add links in return values from API methods 1057571: Assignee:; listen for instance
resize events 1004462: Assignee:; Listen for Glance
notifications 1053514: Assignee: None; Pollster for external network traffic 1021439: Assignee: None; document configuration options 1056983: Assignee: None; Counter for Glance upload


Total bugs: 1 1023347: Assignee: None; Qpid not present for python2.7