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Subject:Re: how to jump to a frame in directshow?
From:Andrew Kirillov (
Date:May 24, 2008 8:24:39 am


If you use AForge.Video.VFW.AVIReader, then you may use Position property to jump through your video file. AForge.Video.DirectShow.FileVideoSource does not support this for now. But, Video for Windows and DirectShow are different interfaces and not all codecs support both. So with AVIReader you will be able to read quite limited amount of video files.

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So, I have a directshow avi-file and i have to pull out a frame of it. The AForge.Video.DirectShow helps me to implement a player and to pull out a frame during the running my video, but i have to pause it - first problem. There are no methods to pause a stream without aborting the thread. So, it would be helpfull to know, how to pause a stream for pulling out a frame for working with it. Becouse i don't really need a player, it would be much better to know how to pull out the frame number X. For example, I have a stream, and without playing it, i just jump to the frame 345 and  show it in my picturebox. I hope, you know what i mean.))