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Ronald GuidaSep 9, 2007 4:59 pm 
Subject:[HOpenGL] Installing GLUT package on Win32
From:Ronald Guida (
Date:Sep 9, 2007 4:59:35 pm

I am trying to install freeglut and the Haskell GLUT package on my Windows XP machine, and I just can't get it to work. I am wondering if anyone else has tried to install freeglut and the Haskell GLUT package on a Windows XP machine.

Here's a summary of what I tried so far:

I downloaded freeglut and successfully compiled it with Visual Studio 2003. I found out that in order to compile the GLUT package, I need a unix shell, so I installed MinGW, MSYS, and MSYS-DTK. Naturally, I am from the world of Windows, so the unix shell is a whole new foreign world for me.

I downloaded the GLUT package from [1] and tried to compile it. The compile succeeded, but the package would not work. [1]

Eventually, I found out that the latest version of GLUT is GLUT-2.1.1, and in order to get it, I need to use darcs. Bear in mind, I started learning Haskell a few months ago, and up to this point I simply had not yet heard of darcs.

Darcs is available in pre-compiled form for several systems, including Win32/cygwin, but not Win32/MinGW. I downloaded the sources for darcs, zlib, and curl, and eventually get darcs to compile.

Finally, I downloaded GLUT-2.1.1 with the command: $ darcs get

When I tried to compile this, I was told that I have two missing dependencies: "array" and "containers". So I performed a "darcs get" on the array library and tried to compile it. It failed to compile.

Eventually, I edited the GLUT.cabal file to remove the "array" and "containers" dependencies, and got GLUT to compile, but the library still doesn't work.

When I attempt to compile a program that uses glut, and link with "freeglut.dll", as produced by VS-2003, I get linker errors.

In addition, I tried to compile freeglut under MinGW, but it failed to compile as well.

Again, the unix world, including the shell, the conventions, and the toolchains, are all foreign to me, so for all I know, I could be completely missing something that's both obvious and fundamental.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide. -- Ron

P.S. Are there any alternatives to GLUT/freeglut, that work with Haskell, and that are /easy/ to install on a Windows box?