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Subject:Re: ${project.parent.parent.version} does not work
From:Florian Schätz (
Date:Dec 5, 2016 11:33:56 am

On 05/12/2016 15:09, Robert Patrick wrote:

If you don’t want to compute the value dynamically, The simplest way to set a property is using -Dgrandparent.version=1.2.3 on the command-line (or in the project's .mvn/maven.config file).

Not something I want to do, since I want to have all the correct version numbers, etc. in my git repository at the right tags, etc. and using a dynamic property would prevent that, since only at maven-runtime, the property would be filled and in git, it would be whatever default it has.

So, my build should run the version:set, update the numbers, commit&push, create the correct tag, etc. This wouldn't work when I just set the property during runtime without writing it back in the pom.

Another way that you might solve the problem is simply by chaining properties. In any one of the parent hierarchy POMs, set <grandparent.version>...</grandparent.version> and then in the module POM, just say <version>${grandparent.version}</version>.

Sorry, I don't get this.

For example, if you put this in the parent POM, just set <grandparent.version>${project.parent.version}</grandparent.version>.

...yes? Wouldn't that be the same as using <version>${project.parent.version}</version> directly instead? But unfortunately, I don't need the parent version, but the grand parent version and I don't see a way to get it this way...